quarta-feira, julho 13, 2005

An attack on our way of life?

Monday, at the house of commons, Tony Blair, when asked if there was any link between the london attacks and the war of Iraq, replied by saying that there was no connection "this was an attack on our way of life."

I disagree with Mr Blair, my reasoning goes like this.
  1. There seems to be a connection between the terrorist attacks in London and the war of Iraq. The US and UK governments may deny it, but there are too many coincidences. Why have Spain and the UK been attacked? Why have people stopped talking about terrorist attacks in Spain, after Zapatero withdrew his country's trops from Iraq? Why is, today, Italy under threat of a terrorist attack from Al'Qaeda?
  2. The war of Iraq is illegal. There is no UN security council resolution legitimating it. This is a cause of anger everywhere in the world. Muslim countries, however, feel more threatned than any others. The idea that powers from the west can come along and invade these countries only because they feel like it, let's face it, is not very appealing. One may ask "what is the difference between an invasion with a UN security council, and one without?"Well, in my opinion there is a big bifference. Let's see which of the two makes you more angy. Having your house invaded, for investigation purposes, from a commision of neighbours who suspect of you, or by proper authorities with an order from a court of law?
  3. Terrorist attacks constitute an attack to our way of life only when governments use it as an excuse to make police states. The real attack on our way of life is the introduction of legislation that restricts our freedom and our civil liberties.