quarta-feira, junho 01, 2005

Our Sunday at Hebden Bridge

Last sunday we went to Hebden Bridge to relax and walk. The region of England where we live, Yorkshire, is full of nice places to walk (or hike). These walks are very popular among the british. Since we have to live here (I'd rather be in Lisbon to be honest) we might as well take advantave of this stuff.

Hebden Bridge is situated in a valley of the Peninne Hills, along the river Calder. The town is full of old mills, a legacy of the industrial past of the town; this area played a central rôle in the english industrial revolution. Nowadays, Hebden Bridge has given over to tourism.

We leave you some photos.

Hardcastle crags.

An old mill in the Hardcastle crags.

The Rochdale Canal.