quarta-feira, junho 21, 2006

sono indegna

I have not blogged since a while, because of my PhD commitments. My phD is still a mess. Actually, I am not sure I am going to get it. So tonight I decided to relax, while Nuno watches football.

I am back, very briefly, just to tell that in italy we hold a referendum, next sunday-monday, to approve - or disapprove - a Constitutional reform wanted by il Nano da Giardino (leggi Berlusconi). The Constitutional reform is actually the killing act of our Constitution, which in my opinion works quite well, is still the best in the world, is modern, and what needs most is simply to be applied. Moreover, Berlusconi's was not a reform based on shared views. In such circumstance, a bit of institutional decency would call at least for a certain convergence between political forces, as both are expression of nearly half of the country.

So, before the political election il Nano said "io non posso credere che gli italiani siano cosi coglioni da votare contro il loro interesse".

Adesso, con la usuale estrema finezza, il Nano dice che "chi non vota "si" non è degno di essere italiano".

Insomma, oltre che cogliona sono anche indegna, I am a double indegna, because I bought a flight to Italy specifically to vote "no" at the referendum.

This website-blog is very funny, there is still someone out there that feels humoristic in face of the tragedy of italian political and social life (as exemplified by the current scandals):


At 6/27/2006 11:49 da manhã, Anonymous Milan said...

Latin people really seem to take politics very seriously - or is it their media and opinion makers who are always in an inflamatory state? :) A lot of our laws in Portugal were based in the Italian ones, by the way, and I also think our Constitution is one of the best in the world - just needs to be applied :) Good luck for both of you in your academic work.


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