quinta-feira, fevereiro 23, 2006

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Johann Hari, reporting on a conference of revisionists:

"Several ‘activists’ at the conference spoke fondly of
the British National Party. The delightfully-named
Stan Hess (“no relation, I’m afraid”), a rabid racist
who is very active within the IHR, said, “I know Nick
[Griffin, BNP leader] real well. Nice guy. I met him a
while back.” However, the main area of growth for the
IHR and its arguments is in the Muslim world. As IHR
activist Nicholas Tanery explained, “Since the
intifada began, we’ve been making huge inroads into
the Arab world. Robert Faurisson [a criminal French
holocaust denier, who was present at the conference]
has met with the Iranian defence minister, for
example. We get a lot of positive comments on our site
from Muslims and Arabs. Can you imagine if every
Muslim leader came out and said that the gas chambers
didn’t exist?” He grinned. I felt a little queasy when
I heard the Palestinian cause – which is supported to
world over by people who despise anti-semitism but
equally despise the inexcusable policy of denying the
Palestinians a state of their own – being hijacked.
Nick then explained the real aim of all this activity.
“We need to burst the Jews’ bubble. If we take away
the Holocaust, we take away their victimhood and their
moral legitimacy. That leaves them with nothing, and
then they really can be destroyed.”[....]
The IHR, frankly, aren’t capable of organising an
egg-and-spoon race, never mind another genocide. They
are ridiculous. But, in a drip-drip manner, they are
making it seem as though the Holocaust has a question
mark hanging over it. In fact, it is as preposterous
to deny the existence of the Holocaust as it is to
deny the existence of Australia - yet the deniers’
arguments are, worryingly, seeping into the public
consciousness. History professors across Europe and
the US are increasingly confronted by students who
ask, “Did the Holocaust really happen?” A poll in the
1990s found that an extraordinary 20% of the US public
thought it was possible that the Holocaust did not
happen. The Holocaust Denial website run by Bradley
Smith, who spoke at the IHR conference, has received
over 20 million hits, and the internet is making
denial literature more available than ever before. The
next Hitler will probably not rise from amongst the
ranks of freaks and losers who make up the IHR. But
when the next anti-semitic leader does offer his siren
call, his path will have been made easier by the IHR
and the lies they are keeping alive. "

By the way, I am very happy that David Irving was jailed, and hope to not see his face here around for a few years. For what he says has nothing to do with freedom of speech..W the Law!