domingo, janeiro 22, 2006

Movies of the week

On Wednesday we watched "Match Point", the last Woody Allen's movie, which I strongly recommend: in the middle of the world-wide discussion on " intelligent design", here is a movie on Luck, and Chance. I found it a piece of Genius. (It contains also some advices on British TV, and on "how to become a succesful City businessman"...)

Today I watched a very disappointing movie: "Hero", by the chinese master director Zang Yimou (Today is Chinese new year, so the City Screen---our picture house in York--- conveniently scheduled a chinese movie). The movie was wonderfully directed, wonderfully shot, wonderfully acted, and so on. But here we are not talking Hollywood movies. I could not help to feel uneasy with the celebration of a just, albeit ruthless-violent- cruel and overhelming "central" power. Moreover, his movies, many times set in ancient times, have always been a metaphore of the present. I found the movie at odds with former works, such as the poetic "Raise the red lantern", or the epic "Jou Dou". Afterwards, I red the Independent and maybe I found a kind of an answer. Last month in Beijing, the president Jintao hosted a gala for the chinese film industry, and was quoted to have urged filmmakers to"stick to the correct political direction all the time ". As China becomes more and more influential, are we going to see more and more "Westerns" in chinese sauce- meaning more refined, but carrying the same imperial political message?


At 1/28/2006 1:08 da manhã, Blogger Eva Shanti said...

Match Point - strongly recommend indeed!

A question of love or lust.

A question of the role of luck in our lives.

A modern version of Crime and Punhisment.

And a revelation: Jonathan Rhys-Meyers!

Also a magnificent and sensual performance of Scarlett Johansson.

Match Point and The Constant Gardner were the best two films I saw lately.


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