segunda-feira, dezembro 12, 2005

second thought of the day: let me qualify the first

After spending 5 years in a department of economics, I have reached these conclusions, which explain my previous post:

1) to get a PhD in economics, and to become one of those economists, being clever is optional;

2) having that little bit of culture is definitely a liability, it makes you feel bad when you hear and read the bullshit of those people. Seminars — what a torture. Not to talk about dinners and suppers with so-called big-names.

Have you ever been in a dept. of economics, meeting those smart-arses all well-dressed, with tie and the FT under arms (which they do not have time to read, of course), intent only to grasp your own f**ing business, just to please themselves if something goes wrong, and being ready to hide their work —in case you want to steal their ideas..which you could not give a sh**. Then they think they need to say something smart: "no fair trade, yes free trade"(by the way, I found this article illuminating in the issue). Then, they waste public money- in the form of their wages and scholaships- and they dare to come and tell you about "the invisible hand.."(for people that suffer of a complex of inferiority for not being scientific enough, not bad as a very scientific thought).

I always think, with some comfort, to that italian industrialists, C.M. Cipolla, who wrote an essay, "Allegro ma non troppo", which gives the Fundamental Laws of Stupidity:

1) stupids are everywhere, they sum up approx. to 80% of the population. Stupidity is a feature that is fairly distributed among social classes (the high one makes the PhD students in economics, and the staff in economics departments, which explains the arrogance at least, and ultimately the fact that economics is simply a fake science of the establishment - beware of them- when they talk difficult..) and among professions (academics as well, then);

2) the stupid one is potentially much more dangerous than the evil one.(economists obviously think to belong to the second category, but we know the truth..)