domingo, dezembro 04, 2005

Religious threats

Last week, the President of the Royal society, Professor Robert May, in its annual address identified two great threats: the denial of global warming, and the growth of religious fanatism.

"The values of the Enlightenment have on balance — often one step backwards for two forwards — made the world a better place. "

This very interesting lecture can be followed here. And the story of the previous post (below) is another example of the danger of religious fanatism.


At 12/07/2005 6:56 da tarde, Anonymous Pedro said...

Still about Sainsbury and religious intolerance, there is something else outrageous.

After July the 7th, Arabic resemblance cashiers were quickly replaced at Sainsbury (London) by Eastern European looking faces.
Human rights organizations denounced this policy, The Guardian published a story about it, but Sainsbury’s business seems to flourish as usual.

Religious intolerance is spreading fast, even in liberal England...


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