domingo, novembro 20, 2005

on gay adoption..

I have just read about this Publico article, in which a very open- minded -modern journalist, Miguel Sousa Tavares, says the usual bullshit: I have nothing against homossexuality, I even favour gay marriages,, gay adoption no please..children with two mother and two fathers...what a shamble. deja vu.

First comment: we should be very careful in projecting our own adult pruderies on children. Children are far away from the angel-like stereotype imposed by religion and traditional culture, especially in southern europe. Children are not angels, many times they are capable of amazing cruelties. They are human beings not mediated by society, so they are BAD (yes, I do not like them, and I was brought up in a catholic country in a catholic school.). But they are also totally unprejudiced. I really can't figure a child with gays/lesbians fathers/mothers having any problem about it. They will perceive it as a problem, if and only if there is a society of bigots that will constanly reminds him/her being brought up by "diverses". Please do not make children the excuses for our own prejudices.

Second: David Cameron, probable future conservative leader in the UK, favours adoption by gays/lesbians, on the very reasonable grounds that the law allows adoption by singles/individuals (this also holds in Germany, as far as I know).

Third: what about those gay--- openly or not --- men that have married in order to have children. There are many out there. Same for women.

And last but not least: by any chance, all this talks about two mothers and two fathers has nothing to do, of course, with the different views (on the world and on the roles of men and women) a child brougth up in families freed by a woman-wife -unpaid slave -doing the shity work at home- would eventually develop.

Maybe gay adoption is really the seed for the end of every prejudice, and of women slavery.
Dear Miguel Sousa Tavares, by any chance, do you have the maid at home? or do you wash your own socks?


At 11/22/2005 7:55 da tarde, Blogger Milan said...

I always found MST puzzling to be honnest. His views tend to be left-wing and open-minded most of the time, but then he will come with an article like the one you mention and surprise you (for the worst), time and time again.

At 11/25/2005 3:42 da tarde, Blogger Tiago Mendes said...

Muito bom. Não sabia que o David Cameron tinha uma posição tão frontal e honesta sobre essa realidade.


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