quarta-feira, setembro 21, 2005

I want freedom from mobile phones

Sub-title: the psycho-pathology of mobile-phones users.

I think I know why GDP growth in certain european countries is lower than in others....
that is because a high percentage of people prefer to spendt their time on mobile phones talks rather than in any other kind of mentally-engaging activity. This would definitely deserve an academic study. I can foresee the title:" The impact of mobile phones usage on GDP growth in western Europe". It would also deserve a psyco-pathology study. This is more serious, as this over-dependence on mobile phones clearly shows a pathological state of mind. There is an aspect in particular, mobile phone users find a terrific pleasure in throwing their personal business to those around them. Unfortunately (for me), this is just like throwing rubbish out of the appropriate bins (see blog photos on British trains).

Italy woud be the outlier I guess. There, despite the recession, the half of the country that does not recognize itself in the banana(or bandana)-style (italians know what I am talking about) tries to avoid certain behavioral deficiencies (perche' non vogliono passare per deficenti). Usare ed abusare del cellulare FA CAFONE, soprattutto se vuoi essere un autentico radical-chic il telefono NON si usa! e' OUT! Think that once on a train I was asked to avoid to send txt message because the sound of the tones was annoying. At the time I thougth that was a bit exagerated but now I see it as a sign that there is some hope (for Italy, not for mp users). Despite the recession, yes.
Portugal unfortunately scores really really badly.

It would be nice to create a movement for world-wide freedom from the in-civilization of mobile phones users. Collecting funds to pay them an appropriate psychiatric treatment would also be charitable(it is clearly a psychiatric problem, of the addictive type, worsened by the inherent danger of electro-magnetic waves).

I hope there are other bloggers who hate mobile phones as I do.