sexta-feira, julho 08, 2005

The day after

Here they are talking very much about the reaction of the town to the attacks. Also the italians in London - a town in the town- seem to admire the "calm and civilized" english response. As usual italians are so pathetically atlanticists more the atlantic themselves. Frankly, this is all bit sick. There is a big difference between being cold-headed in a situation of danger and behaving as nothing had happened. Well, something HAS HAPPENED, and people hit by terrorism are likely to be affected for the rest of their lives. Neither the spanish in the aftermath of the Madrid bombings, nor the italians in the 70s have behaved as nothing had happened. And they should be thanked for that. The italian bombs are part of our history and contributed to form our collective memory and civil consciousness. Here, we are on the thine red line.

Here, at the University of York, the thought it would have been nice to write on the university web-page a message of simpathy and condolence for the victims has obviously not crossed any mind. This is what I call northern style.. Once a jazzist from Israel told the concert audience that the world could be blown apart and in yorkshire nobody would notice.

Another thought that obviously is not crossing the civilized and calm minds here is: it does happen that the same amount of bombs exploded in London yesterday do explode on a daily basis in Iraq since a while - killing the same number of people, not less innocent than City workers or common londoners. That does not seem to bother. (see Robert Fisk's article on today Independent).

What is truly admirable in the London response is not people's attitude (that is a question mark that is going to find answer only in the future), but the efficiency and competence of emergency service. Because London is still an island of that famous British competence and seriousness that sadly has gone lost everywhere else in this country. The situation in Italy si really worrying . We are probably next in the list and I do not believe our government is taking any serious counter-measure. Berlusconi is a specialist in the use of words, as any other market-sale manager would be. He does not have a foreign policy, he does not even know the meaning of the word, and this is the result. He does not care, he knows his person is perfectly safe. Not so the other italians. A government formed of incompetents plus the neverending italian culture of incompetence ("ma cosa vuoi che succeda") may result in a complete disaster.


At 7/08/2005 6:59 da tarde, Blogger Milan said...

Very good insight on the matter Chiara. Fully agree with you.


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