terça-feira, junho 07, 2005

Africa cries freedom

Bob Geldof and Tony Blair make me sick. All this fuss on Africa makes me sick. I am watching BBC. Bush is saying "I believe we can eradicate poverty". I can't figure out which poverty in which country he is talking about. I am even more sick.

On the Independent on Sunday a good article by W. Esaterly explaines why the debt relief issue is bullshit, and why Jeffry Sachs maybe a good theorist, but, when it comes to the real world, hisMIT economics excellence amounts to limited and simplistic thoughts. As an economics research student, I feel bad about it: another lost occasion. Anyway, this was just to say I am not repeating on the same issues.

I would like to blog a couple of thoughts that came to my mind:
  1. Why not proposing a moratory on weapons provision to Africa's war lords and/or government? To my knowledge, there are at least three european countries profiting from selling weapons to Africa: UK, Italy, and France.
  2. Why not changing our attitudes and stop patronising the poor of the world? Can we stop thinking of people from Africa as children that need to be taught, led, helped, etc?
  3. Why is nobody pointing the problem of the increase in population? Do you think your country would do any good if its population doubled in 30 years?
  4. Why is nobody pointing the problem of superstition and religion, that is keeping the people of Africa unaware of health risks and remedies to virus such as HIV and Ebola .
I am sick of those celebrities pitying children dying of malaria, buying them a 4$ nest and then leaving them to a life of no education, no health, no political social rights. A life not worthy to live. Whether you are poor in Africa - you will starve - or poor in the US and the UK- you will be obese (the middleclass man will tell you it is definitely your fault- so why he has to pay the NHS to treat your obesity) - the philosophy is the same: there is no dignity for you. But you will make Sharon Stone and Bob Geldof feel better with thenselves.

Two movies for Africa. A forgotten one made in the 80s: Cry Freedom, the story of Steven Biko (director Richard Attenborough). And Hotel Rwanda, which unfortunately came to the UK in a very very limited release.