domingo, fevereiro 27, 2005

Sunday at Helmsley (North Yorkshire Moors, UK)

We spent the sunday at the North-Yorkshire Moors national park. We were in the vicinity of Helmsley, a lovely village of the Moors. The landscape and surroundings were very beautiful. Here, we leave you some photos.

Landscape of North-Yorkshire Moors.


Rievaulx Abbey.

Our Lunch.


At 2/28/2005 6:55 da tarde, Blogger Milan said...

Fantastic pictures... and diner :)

At 3/02/2005 9:42 da manhã, Blogger Metallyptica said...

Fantastic place, I'd say! :) I'd love to be in such a place, but nah... I'm stuck here in Porto (which is also a very beautiful city, of course!)


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